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Medicare supplement Plan G is very similar to Plan F in terms of coverage, but the difference lies in the deductible for Part B. Medicare Part B has an annual deductible and when this is met Plan G will handle the coinsurance amount of Medicare-approved health services, which is often around 20% of the approved amount.

If you remain in the hospital less than 90 days but longer than 60 days, Medigap Plan G will cover your Medicare Part A coinsurance for each period of benefits. You will have a certain amount of hospital “reserve” days, and Plan G will cover the full per-day Medicare Part A coinsurance. This bank of “reserve” days in the hospital are 60 nonrenewable days that Medicare provides which can only be used once in your entire life. Medigap Plan G will cover 100% of Medicare Part A eligible hospital expenses after all of your Medicare hospital benefits are used.

The following is a breakdown to help you understand the plan:

Days 1-60 – $1,288 Part A Deductible. (Plan G Pays)

Days 61-90 – $322 per day co-payment. (Plan G Pays)

Days 91-150 – $644 per day Lifetime Reserve Days co-payment. When your hospital stay exceeds 90 days during a benefit period, a feature referred to as “Lifetime Reserve Days” takes effect. Lifetime Reserve Days are 60 extra days of Medicare-paid care, subject to the $644 per day co-payment. When you use a reserve day, Medicare permanently subtracts it from your 60-day lifetime limit. (Plan G Pays)

Beyond the additional 365 days. (YOU PAY)


Days 1-20 – (Medicare Pays)

Days 21-100 – (Plan G Pays)

Days 101 and after – (YOU PAY)

Part B Monthly premium of $121.80. (YOU PAY)

Part B $166 deductible. (YOU PAY)

20% of all Medicare approved expenses after the deductible. (Plan G Pays)

All costs for items not covered by Medicare. (YOU PAY)

Part B Excess Charges. (Plan G Pays)

Foreign Travel Emergency. (Plan G Pays)

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