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Each day over the next ten years, approximately 10,000 eligible people will enroll in Medicare. Currently, about 39% of Pennsylvanians 65 and older will enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.* There are many different choices to continue your care well into your retirement and receive the added benefit of protection from federal and state regulations that oversee healthcare coverage for the elderly.

About Medicare in PA

As you might be aware, Medicare is a federal government program that offers medical coverage to those who are 65 and over or those with specific disabilities. Seniors citizens are eligible for the following coverage:

Part A – Hospital Stays

Part B – Medical related services

Part C – Also known as “Medicare Advantage”

This is private insurance that takes over for Medicare.  It combines the functions of A and B with prescription drug coverage into one plan.  If a person elects Medicare Advantage they are opting to use this instead of original medicare. It is also different from a supplement plan because those are designed to supplement Medicare.  Advantage plans take over for Medicare.  They come in the form of HMO’s, PPO’s and Private Fee for Service.

Part D – Drug prescriptions

Navigating the Pennsylvania Medicare health plans that are available to you can be a daunting task. Allow us to help you plan out your retirement, and ensure that you have all of the information that you need. We have licensed insurance agents ready to assist you that specialize in enrollment for senior citizens in PA.

You’ll want to know about additional ways to maximize your financial planning into retirement – we can help!

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*SOURCE: MPR/Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of CMS State/County Market Penetration Files, 2013.