Let’s Examine Medicare Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F is a very popular insurance plan as it offers complete coverage for everything that Original Medicare will not cover provided that the charge is approved. If Medicare Parts A or B pay anything toward doctor visits or hospital charges, your Plan F policy will fill in the rest.

There are some gaps that are not covered such as preventative care or recovery at home, because they are not covered under Medicare insurance.

Days 1-60 – $1,288 Part A Deductible. (Plan F Pays)seniors planning for retirement

Days 61-90 – $322 per day co-payment. (Plan F Pays)

Days 91-150 – $644 per day Lifetime Reserve Days co-payment. When your hospital stay exceeds 90 days during a benefit period, a feature referred to as “Lifetime Reserve Days” takes effect. Lifetime Reserve Days are 60 extra days of Medicare-paid care, subject to the $644 per day co-payment.

When you use a reserve day, Medicare permanently subtracts it from your 60-day lifetime limit. (Plan F Pays)

Beyond the additional 365 days. (YOU PAY)


Days 1-20. (Medicare Pays)

Days 21-100. (Plan F Pays)

Days 101 and after. (YOU PAY)

Part B Monthly premium of $121.80. (YOU PAY)

Part B $166 deductible. (Plan F Pays)

20% of all Medicare approved expenses after the deductible. (Plan F Pays)

All costs for items not covered by Medicare. (YOU PAY)

Part B Excess Charges. (Plan F Pays)

Foreign Travel Emergency. (Plan F Pays)

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