Let’s Understand Medicare Advantage

seniors learning about medicare part c - advantageMedicare Part C is also known as Medicare Advantage.  This is private insurance that takes over for Medicare.  It combines the functions of A and B as well as prescription drug coverage into one plan.  If a person elects Medicare Advantage they are opting to use this instead of Original Medicare.  This is different from a supplement plan because a supplements does just what is says, it supplements Medicare.  The key difference is that Advantage plans take over for Medicare.  They come in the form of HMO’s, PPO’s and Private Fee for Service.

When you join a Medicare Advantage program, you are still enrolled in Original Medicare and are eligible to receive many of the benefits offered. The main difference is that you can add more benefits such as hearing, dental and vision while also including coverage for prescription drugs. In many cases you will have to see certain doctors or visit a specific hospital as these plans often have a network.

In many cases these plans may save you additional money due to lower out-of-pocket costs. To understand pricing, you’ll want to compare all plans offered by providers in your area. Costs can chage based on the types of services you will need and the plan you select.

Does this all sound too confusing? We understand! You’ll want to contact our licensed insurance agents that are standing by to help you select the plan that works best for you. We offer the highest level of customer service and will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you find what you are looking for when it comes to healthcare and retirement planning services.

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